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From: אנה
Subject: Jobs
Phone: 0639360372
Date: 17/12/2014, 20:59

שלום! שמי אנה, אני סטודנטית לתואר שני בתיאטרון, בת 26 וגרה באמסטרדם. אני מחפשת עבודה באיזור אמסטרדם, וחשבתי שאולי ישנן משפחות ישראליות או יהודיות שהיו רוצות בייביסיטר דוברת עברית לילדים?
יש לי נסיון בבייביסיטר ואני אוהבת ילדים, אני לא דוברת הולנדית אבל יכולה לעזור בשיעורי בית בעברית ובאנגלית, לאסוף מגנים ובתי ספר, להקריא סיפורים ועוד. חוץ מבייביסיטר אני גם יכולה לנקות בתים, לכבס ולגהץ.
חוץ מזה גם הצעות עבודה אחרות יתקבלו בברכה! יש לי נסיון עשיר ומגוון בעבודה בתיאטרון במגוון תחומים, אני במאית ופרפורמרית, תאורנית ומעצבת תאורה, הייתי מלבישה, רקוויזיטורית מנהלת הצגה ומנהלת במה ועבדתי בכמעט כל תיאטרון בישראל וגם מחוצה לה.
בסמסטר הקרוב אני פנויה מאוד וגמישה בזמנים, גרה במזרח אמסטרדם אבל גם ניידת!

אשמח לכל הצעה וגם אם תספרו לחבריכם!
0639360372 (אני לא זמינה כרגע בפלאפון אבל אהיה החל מה20 לדצמבר)

From: Idan Brull
Subject: Jobs
Phone: 0685095001
Date: 24/10/2012, 23:28

My name is Idan Brull. I'm from Jerusalem,Israel.
I'm currently studiyng at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy
Looking for a part time job
House keeping,cleaning,gardening etc.

Would appreciate the help


From: Yehudit Mizrahi
Subject: Accomodation
Phone: 0624520739
Date: 23/07/2012, 07:56

Dear People,

I am searching for a shelter/house/room/squat in Amsterdam from the 20th August till 20th September.

We are going to record an album with a Israeli music band and we need to find an accommodation for the musicians.

If you are going away during this time and need a babysitter for your house/ plants/ dog/ cat/ bird or gas boiler this will be a great solution for both sides.

Please let me know If you are going away and want to rent your house.

& If you know about any website or forum where people offering their houses for rent for reasonable price

Feel free to forward the information to friends that might be interested.

All the best,


From: Itai Carmeli
Subject: Jobs
Phone: 0685223988
Date: 28/05/2012, 15:48

I am a Dutch national yet to speak Dutch but fluent in English (and Hebrew) and I am looking for work especially in Amsterdam.
I could work with children, elderly; with media production; in a secretarial role in an office; or gardening or in a restaurant.
I'd appreciate your correspondence, so Thank you in advanced!

From: Oren Yehudai
Subject: Jobs
Phone: +31652315608
Date: 17/05/2012, 09:21

Hi everyone,
We are looking for a nanny/Babysitter for our 18month old son for one day a week (Wednesdays) in Amsterdam (we live close to Overtoom). If you are interested or know someone suitable pleas let us know - it's urgent :).

From: Alon
Subject: Jobs
Phone: 0611044689
Date: 04/05/2012, 23:27

looking for a bookkeeper ! part time job in Amsterdam!

From: michele
Subject: Accomodation
Date: 12/02/2012, 11:50

dear readers, me and my family are coming to live in Holland end of June 2012. we would like to ask if somebody could help us out with finding a nice house for renting for one year and after one year to buy the same house? we don't want to move two time and would prefer to buy what we rent! if somebody knows something, i would be happy to hear about it! thanks a lot michele Veldhoen

From: Yishay Glick
Subject: Others
Phone: 0611803375
Date: 11/02/2012, 14:13

Hello everybody. My name is Yishay Glick and im an Israeli musician living in Amsterdam.The event of the jewish and israeli music is happening again! last time was a big fun and this time we hope to see more people joining us to enjoy this warm evening in the cold nights of Amsterdam. Me and Itai Weissman (another israeli musician in the city) are having a new project that is dedicated entirely to jewish and israeli music..its gonna be a show going from klezmer through middle eastern and israeli folk. its going to take place on Sunday night, february 26th in the CC MuziekCafe, Rustenburgerstraat 384. Here is a link to the event
have a very nice weekend!
really looking forward tosee u all there with us!
all the best, Yishay

From: Yishay Glick
Subject: Others
Phone: 0611803375
Date: 23/01/2012, 19:01

Hello everybody. My name is Yishay Glick and im an Israeli musician living in Amsterdam. Me and Itai Weissman (another israeli musician in the city) are having a new project that is dedicated entirely to jewish and israeli music..its gonna be a show going from klezmer through middle eastern and israeli folk and we hope to see as many israelis/jewish people coming and enjoying this music with us..its going to take place every last sunday of the month in the C C Muziekcafe in De Pijp. the first show is at the 29th(this upcoming sunday) and we will really like to see as many of you people there...Here is a link to the event
have a very nice week and hope to see u with us there enjoying the music together!

From: Vito Varsano
Subject: Jobs
Phone: +31619984122
Date: 22/09/2011, 11:51

Hallo, my name is Vito and I am professional clip/filmmaker from Amsterdam. looking for jobs in editing and filming. Have my own equipment

From: Richard F
Subject: Accomodation
Phone: +44 7545977010
Email: r.fell <at>
Date: 13/06/2011, 01:43

Hi everyone,

I am moving to Amsterdam on Thursday 16th June, and still haven't found accomodation. I am there for three months and have a budget of about 400euros.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!


From: limor
Subject: Jobs
Phone: 0653653877
Date: 05/06/2011, 21:51

Looking for a nanny in Amstelveen.
for coming October.
If you have experience with babies you are welcome to call me.
The job offer is for 3-4 times a week 12:00-18:00


From: עידן
Subject: Jobs
Phone: 0619341761
Date: 16/05/2011, 08:18

דרוש פסנתרן לליווי מקהלת שיר בלב באמסטרדם היכול לנגן הן מ score והן מאקורדים.
החזרות הן כל יום ראשון בין השעות 19:00-21:30.
לפרטים נוספים נא לפנות במייל או בטלפון אחריי 18:30

From: Ela
Subject: Jobs
Phone: 0681045222
Date: 12/04/2011, 13:34

We are looking for a nanny for our 2 old baby, for Fridays only, between 6-8 hours (every Friday).
We are looking for someone who is not between jobs right now or looking for a temporary arrangement. If you are good with kids and interested we would be happy to hear from you.

Thank you


From: nlconnection
Subject: Jobs
Date: 29/03/2011, 12:37

A part time basis as a sales person - Great money to be made

Someone good preferably

In Amsterdam.

From: Ruti
Subject: Others
Phone: 06-13478608
Date: 12/03/2011, 17:27

Do you know somebody who will soon become a father or just recently became a dad?

As we all know how challenging parenthood can be, this will be the ultimate present you could give to a young father -
The fatherhood preparation course.
As mothers get books, yoga classes,childbirth preparation course etc, father need it as well. The best you could wish all young mums is a supportive, understanding and empowering partner to go threw this new path with, hand in hand.
This course will give men the tools, the perspective and the access to a powerful, intimate and fruitful involvement in parenthood and partnership, before and after birth.
Together with 7 other young dads, we will discuss, consult, share, listen and explore-
How to become the father you wish to be.
Well prepared father is the best present there is for every new-born family.
The next course will begin in April, still few places left!

for more information Please contact me
With warm regards,

Ruti Shalev
Soul Coach
Family Mediator


From: sigel
Subject: Jobs
Date: 23/01/2011, 18:25

Hello! my name is Sigel,37,and i am looking for work. My profession is photography,
i have knowledge and background in sales, Internet and graphics.
open to job offers.
i have German citizenship
,Driving license and a soffinumer.
you can get in touch with me by mail.
thank you! sigel

From: sufa zacharish
Subject: Jobs
Date: 07/01/2011, 14:41

hello, my name is sufa I'm 23 years old leaving in den-Bosch.
I'm looking for a job in any filed that dose not require speaking dutch.
have an experience with children,in sales and in restaurateur (including Management).
you can get in touch with me by mail.
thank you

From: tamar
Subject: Accomodation
Phone: 0629399676
Date: 27/10/2010, 12:33

For Rent: A lovely centrally located apartment in the Jordaan, at the heart of Amsterdam's canal area, on a beautiful and peaceful canal.
The apartment is on the 5th floor with a lift/elevator (no need to climb-up a steep staircase!). Spacious -- 90 sqm -- and fully furnished, this quality apartment has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a fully equiped kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet.
The building is safe and secure. It is a truly relaxing home to enjoy a marvelous stay in the heart of Amsterdam.
living area :
Nicely designed, with a flat screen TV and a dining table with 6 chairs.
bed and bathroom 2 large double beds, one in each bedroom, bedside tables, lamps, plenty of storage space and a handy closet
Fully equipped with a complete set of luxurious kitchenware
free ADSL high speed internet connection, TV/DVD/CD

For more information Please contact Tamar

From: Daniel Fdz
Subject: Accomodation
Phone: +31 (0) 642095661
Date: 18/10/2010, 17:19

Hi everyone I´m moving to Amsterdam and.
I´m looking for a room in Amsterdam from 20 October and my profession is creative director. Please let me know if you know someone that rent a room.
See you soon.

From: Reut Aviran
Subject: Jobs
Phone: 0653613681
Date: 10/10/2010, 14:10


My name is Reut and I am a 24 year old Dancer in Den Haag. I would like to do babysitting on a regular/non regular basis. I have a lot of experiance with children as a dance teacher, working in kindergartens, babysitting and so forth.

Thank you.

Reut Aviran.

From: Oded
Subject: Second hand
Phone: 0651963639
Date: 13/09/2010, 19:06

Massage couch fully automatic for sale , good condition, black colour. 200 euro or your bid. to be picked up from amstelveen

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