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   Queen's Day - Free Street markets in Amsterdams
published by: Iamsterdam, 23-04-2012


As a city built on trade, Amsterdammers love to haggle and bargain. The vrijmarktfree market) gives everyone the chance to sell their second-hand things on the streets and in the parks of Amsterdam, creating one of the world's largest flea markets.

City Street Sale

Everyone is free to take part in the street market and in theory, you can do so anywhere in the city provided you don't block the entrances to homes and shops which are open, or hinder the movement of people through the city.

The street market officially runs from 06:00 to 20:00 on Queen's Day (please note that the Vondelpark opens at 09:00). But be warned, competition for the best spots is fierce and some patches of ground are 'claimed' with chalk or tape long in advance of the actual event.

The Vondelpark

The Vondelpark is reserved for the kids, who turn out in their droves to sell the toys they've outgrown and clothes they've cast off over the year. Many youngsters also become street performers for the day, transforming the already vibrant Vondelpark into a feast of song and dance.
The Vondelpark is closed the night before (minor entrances at 19:00 and main entrances at 20:00) and opens its gates at 09:00 on Queen's Day in time for the fun to begin.
And, of course, there'll also be plenty of games and other forms of fun to tempt you to part with your cash, such as the traditional wet-sponge throwing and 'hit the nail on the head' game. You can rest assured that the proceeds go back into the business of being a kid! 

Amsterdam neighbourhoods

The citywide street sale in Amsterdam is an essential part of Queen’s Day and loved by specific bargain hunters and ‘window’ shoppers alike.
Various districts and specific streets of the city are known as being hot-spots for particular second-hand items so take the chance to explore different parts of Amsterdam for the best range of bargains!
Listed below are some of the key market locations in each district:

  • Centre
    Sint Antoniesluis
  • Noord
    Shopping centre Boven 't IJ
  • West
    Plein '40 - '45
    Stadspark Osdorp
    Tussen Meer
  • Oost
  • Zuid