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Summer attractions in The Hague
Published: 12-06-2011
1.Scheveningen beach

The most famous beach in The Hague city is probably the most popular attraction is a summer day in Holland.
Dutch rush to the beach and hang out in the sun for hours, enjoying the music and other attractions such as beach volleyball, bungee jumping, casino and a nice walk on the port.
Other events during the summer are: Happenings of kites' in the sky, competitions of sailing, festival of fireworks and more.
Though the sunset in the summer time arrives late, to those who can wait till 21:00-22:00 it is always worth it.

2. Beachstadion

Various beach & sport events takeplace here, such as beach volleyball, hoky beach soccer and more.
Free entrance for around 2000 seats
For details for the events visit the website www.beachstadion.
Tel: (070) 3618888

3. Canals sailing with Ooievaart

The tour includes introduction and some history background on the city, museums guidance and several attractions as the historical museum, the panorama Mesdag, the prisons, the international court of justice and other small museums in the city.
Bierkade 18b
2512 AB Den Haag
Tel (070)4451869 

4. Cinema - Omniverse 

3D movies mainly for children in an impressive building   

President Kennedylaan 5, 2517 JK Den Haag
Tel: 0900 6664837

5. Familiepark Drievliet

Amusement Park in The Hague for children aged 2-14.
There are several attractions, mostly outdoor but also several indoor, among others Entertainment with clowns, a workshop with an expert chef expert, 3D cinema, cars collide, video games room and more.
Open only on summer time, April-November.
Laan van 's-Gravenmade
Den Haag
6. Circustheater
A theatrefor adults and children.
Many famous shows such as Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, The Lion Kinga were playing here; Todayyou can watch here Mary Poppins, Soul sisters, Thomas the train, Pet the Pirate, and more.

Circusstraat 4, 2586 CW Den Haag
Tel: 070-4167600

7. 30 minutes train tour in the area of Scheveningen

The tour includes an introduction on the area, history and more.A guide to the beach is possible as well.


8. The maritime museum
9. Horse racing in Duindigt
A special and unique experience
Tel: (070) 314 87 40
10. Korzo – A theater for music and opera creators

The big place for dancing and music, located in the center of Hague.
Offers dancing workshops and various productions of professional choreographers.
11. Zeeheldenfestival
A festival is taking place in the city's neighborhoods on 22th-26th of June for the 20 year in a row. The festival is intended for the whole family and includes various subjects such as art, dance and entertainment with lives shows, street theatre, sport events and more.
There are several activities for children too; Food and drink are also an integral part of the event.

12. Maduradam

An exact duplicate of the Netherlands but only smaller. The name Madurodam comes from the actual city of Madurodam, which is the smallest city in the Netherlands. You can see buildings, ducks, roads and much more…. but smaller.

George Maduroplein 1, Den Haag
reservations: 070 - 416 24 00

Beach Party

Expat Events would like to invite you to Sunsation, the hottest beach party of the year on Saturday, 18 June at Boomerang Beach in Scheveningen
Tickets for this event cost € 10 in advance and € 15 at the door.
Boomerang Beach Club
Zwarte Pad 63
Music events in The Hague: