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Enjoy the winter, Spa centers in Amsterdam area
Published on 25-10-10

October brought with him the winter to the Netherlands. The heating is on, the coats are out of the attic and no doubt this is a sharp transition towards a shorter day in which you leave your home and come back when there is no light outside... but on the other hand you can happily curl up under a blanket with a hot tea and a favorite TV show or a good book.

Those who are not afraid of the winter and want to remain active despite the cold and especially the icy wind, we offer a number of attractions to spend some time during the winter.
And this time: recommendations for various Spa places in Amsterdam area, a romantic entertainment for every hour of the day, especially in the evening.

Amsterdam residents can get discounts in most places, check it with the place.
The exclusive:
Sauna Deco is of high regard in Amsterdam. Only one of the few places in the city centre where you can still come to a completely relax. Enjoy lounge rooms, pleasant atmosphere and all the facilities you need for a day of luxury. Sauna Deco thanks its name to its historic decoration; uniquely famous décor pieces from the Art Deco period.

Herengracht 115

The stylist:
Sento Spa
For massages, jacuzzi’s, rain showers and relax-zones all in one, choose one of Amsterdam’s excellent spa’s.
Sento Spa sports a roof-terrace with panoramic views across the old city.
You can buy gift voucher for special occasions.

Marnixplein 1
015 ZN, Amsterdam

The trendy:
Zuiver Spa 
 Complete tranquility can be found at the glittering located in Amsterdam’s forest (Amsterdamse bos).
You'll find Zuiver – Dutch word for 'pure' – at the heart of the Amsterdam Forest. As soon as you walk through the door, you'll immediately feel a special sense of tranquility and spaciousness. And that's precisely the idea. Zuiver is a breath of fresh air. A modern and exclusive spa with an abundance of space (13,000 m²). At Zuiver, you can slow right down, relax and recharge your batteries. And most importantly: you can enjoy that sublime feeling of luxury and wellbeing. Experience it for yourself.

Koenenkade 8
The Specials:
A spa located on the Herenrgracht, close to the Spui area.
Street that is full of special stores, shops, café places, bohemian visitors which gives the street a unique feeling.
Though the design is pretty simple, the massages are great. Plus, the place offers also another attraction – floating – a device that is filled with salty water, where the patient can float while listening to music (under the water) and relax (a bit like the Dead Sea). If you wish, you may close the device and enjoy a full relaxed separation from the outside world for 45 minutes.
After the treatment you can take a shower (equipped with deodorant and body cream as well) and have tea and cake that will wait for you in the waiting room.

Herengracht 321
1016 AW

Dr. Fish
 The newest and trendy one in Amsterdam!
 A treatment for hands and legs with small fish swimming in a bucket of water.
Sounds weird but after you try you can even enjoy it...
How does it work?
Place the palms of your hands or feet in a tub full of water where lots of fingerlings swim.
This unique treatment helps clean the skin and makes it very soft. 

Van Baerlestraat 45
1071 AP