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Contact and Payment Terms:
Advertising in the board:

Paid ad in the board will be revealed to the site users and in other advertising channels, such as:

• The site's Facebook page
• Newsletter / mailing to dedicated users
• Articles relevant to the same ad's content

For more information please contact us.

Advertising in the board is based on the following categories:
Ads free of charge:
* Job seekers
* 2nd hand  
* Meet up's
* Housing seekers

Payment related ads:
* Apartments for Rent / Sale
* Looking for employees / customers
* Miscellaneous (upon the site's operators discretion)

Costs for payment related ads:
Ad for a month - 15 €
Ad for three months - 30 €
Ad for six months  - 45 € site operators may change the ads costs at any time.

Packages for custom ads
Upon demand, each ad can be tailored to the client
Targeted advertising can be done in several channels for achieving the optimum advertising focus.

Please contact us by e-mail to advertise your ads: