Friday 15th of December 2017 12:31:53 AM

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Silent Disco! the most unusual sensation across the globe, which started in the Netherlands a few years ago...
The concept is simple yet ingenious: instead of a sound system, the Silent Disco plays its music over headphones handed out to each visitor - often with hilarious consequences.

to silent disco website (and agenda)
Next Party will take place at Club 8, Amsterdam, 18 December

Link to best parties in Amsterdam

Link to Jazzz clubs in Amsterdam: No reservations, no entrance fees, just order a drink and enjoy the jazzy tunes!

2. In Ijburg there is a place with fun days on the beach, parties on till night time, yoga groups on sunset, special events and lots more.
For further details
click here or call 020-4160330
usually in the summer time

3. New club in Amsterdam: Air Club  
To the website

Johnnie Blue Room:
If you are looking for a place for a surprise party or have an important meeting, this place can be ideal for that with a wonderful atmosphere of the night in a private lounge (an official registration in advance as a club member is required).
The club runs private room for events or small parties up to 40 people. The room is painted blue with leather couches, heavy wooden tables and special lamps which all give a nocturnal atmosphere.
The website offers several pictures and further information.

Oostelijke Handelskade 4
1019 BM Amsterdam