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Hotel Arena


A club located in the hotel Arena with hot parties and events, where the house-Salsa-Latino is the name of the game.

Every last Sunday of the month there is a Latino party with the best DJ's (from Latinvillage) in this line of music.


Club for the youngers with house, dance and Latino parties.


The Sand

A place that holds hot parties during the week-ends. The place’s floor is covered with white sand (just like on the beach) which gives a summer feeling to it. You wouldn’t want to miss it, but be sure to find out exactly what the place offers since they hold different events with different concepts every week (doors open at 2300)

Rhoneweg 36


Was built in 2008, a homey kind of club, where every room is different: Living room – fire place, sofa’s, bar
The main room – a big room with everything (even a kitchen with pots and pans)
The bedroom – mattresses, couches that you can lie down while the local DJ is blasting away.

Wagenstraat 3 (Near Rembrandtplein)


The Powerzone

A huge place with the state of the art lighting effects. The place is divided into 3 levels – upper (where the party is), lower (where the bar is) and the terrace (Vip rooms and lounge). It is possible to rent the place for company’s events (Citroen, KPN, L’oreal are just a few among the big names that held their events there).
The place offers a water taxi as well, which will take you to the club (Ask the place for further details).

Spaklerweg – Amsterdam


A night club in the heart of the Rembrandtplein. A very popular place, and is one of Amsterdam’s landmarks. A high-tech designed place, with international and local DJ’s, offers every night a different party for different age groups (so before you go, be sure you know what kind of party you go to).

Rembrandtplein 11

Super Club

There is not one tourist that has not heard the name Super Club. It is a must! Maybe it is a bit too posh, but classy nonetheless. It is both a restaurant and a bar – you need to make reservations for the restaurant, and after a nice (and expensive) dinner, you can glide your way to the bar where the night begins at 2200 till very late. It is also possible to come directly to the party (skipping the expensive dinner) but before doing that, be sure to get updated on the local events so that you know exactly to which party\event you are coming to.
There is another attraction that the Super Club offers – Super Club cruise – a floating party (with all the qualities of the club itself) on the Amstel river. You may choose to rent the boat for a private event - winter or summer.

Jonge Roelensteeg 21


A big hall of a few stories that is located on the Prinsengracht. The place holds private events, fashion shows, dance parties, has its own private room and more. The place has old, 17th century paintings next to modern photo’s (a nice contrast), and each room is designed in a different way. It offers a DJ and a cocktails workshop. If you would like to rent the place for a private event, make sure that the catering is suitable for it.

Singel 460


A bar that is very close to the Java island of Amsterdam (in the northern side of the port). The Panama offers a bar, dancing and other events that change from time to time. You can come and eat during the day, and then stay for the rest of the night for a wild party, a show or any other event that the place has to offer. The Panama plays all kinds of music from dance to Latin to hip hop. The place is very popular amongst the youngsters, and after spending an evening there, you can understand why.

Oostelijke Handelskade 4
1019BM Amsterdam

Jimmy Woo

A luxurious bar, a bit too posh, but that is exactly what makes it so popular . The theme of the place is east meets west with a dominance of the color black. There is a selection at the entrance, and if you get in, it is a nice place to spend a long evening with music and dancing.

There is a nice bar called "Suzie Wang" which is facing Jimmy Woo, DJ's and a good atmosphere (owned by the same owner).

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18