Friday 15th of December 2017 12:22:29 AM

The Vodka Museum

See, Feel, Taste! This is a place for a unique and enjoyable experience.
Located in the Damrak street, just in the center of Amsterdam, The Vodka Museum was the first in its kind in Europe, thanks to the wide growth of Vodka consumers all over the world.
The museum has three floors in which a guide will reveal to you the secret of making Vodka through a modern exhibition showing the history of Vodka, from the Russian origins till these days.
When the tour finishes, you can enjoy several drinks tastings (Vodka...) and visit the nice shop.

Damrak 33


Hermitage Museum

Impressive museum for the Russian art, originally built as a castle in St. Petersburg.
In the museum you can find lots of information about the Russian history, culture and art during the czar rule before the Communism.
There is also an exhibition on St. Petersburg and a special area designated for children and creative activities.

Amstel 51

House of Bols - The cocktails museum

House which the Bols family established for fulfilling their old dream:
Several cocktails preserved lots of years ago now served to stimulate the visitors' palate.
You can taste, feel and get to know the family's secrets of making cocktails and enjoy a tasty alcohol experience in a house which is well decorated with colorful atmosphere, accompanied by a DJ playing just the perfect music.
Worths spending several hours, best Friday's afternoon. Open till 22:00.

Paulus Potterstraat 14
1071 CZ Amsterdam

The Jewish historical museum

Exhibits the history of the Jews since they have settled in the Netherlands in the 1600’s, till now. The museum exhibits diverse and different exhibitions and also activities for the little ones.
It is a good idea to check what is currently on display, before visiting.

Tassenmuseum Hendrikje

Almost each lady has in her closet at least 5 different purses for 5 different occasions. This museum exhibits designed purses from the 1500’s till today. 21st century purses’ designers, exhibit regularly at this museum. The museum has many rooms, that each room is a small exhibition for itself. Walking around this museum, you feel as if you are in another era or in a scene from an old movie. There is also a coffee place and a little gift shop.


Press museum

A darling little place that shows old newspapers, commercial ads, caricatures and other changing exhibitions.

The Cinema museum

What would Orsen Welles say about a place that displays anything and everything about Cinema’s?

The Music-Box museum

Exhibits over 20 music boxes of various types and kinds.


Tram museum

For all you tram fans out there, a truly fun experience that includes a ride in an old tram.


The bible museum

The museum holds a collection of old and rare bible books that have survived through the centuries from various places around the world. Apart for this magnificent collection, you can also enjoy the remake of biblical models and biblical scenes.



This museum is located on the Herengracht, in a bourgeoisie, 18th century house, typical for traders at that time. The museum exhibits cutlery, ceramics, plates and furniture from the Dutch golden age (some will see this collection as a bit too shiny… but I will let you decide for yourself).

Allard Pierson museum

It is the archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam. The museum exhibits old tools, pottery, art and such, of ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Rome.
Further, you can admire Egyptian sarcophagus, mummy’s and even watch a film that shows the mummification process.


Probably the most famous museum in Amsterdam with lots of art items made during the 1400 and 1900. The enormous museum also shows some of the most famous Dutch art works. The museum is being renovated for a long period and only several halls and rooms are open these days to the general public.
Strongly recommended



Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum

Once an old storage place for the Dutch navy (since 1656), today’s the Netherlands’ navy museum. The museum exhibits the history of the Dutch navy and trade. Walking through the museum, you can admire old weapons, maps, portraits of old navy officers and more.
Adjacent to the museum you can see a replica (built between 1985-1990) of the old Amsterdam ship that has sailed, in the 18th century, between the Netherlands and the Indian islands.


Tells the story of how the Dutch people rebelled against the Nazi regime. The exhibition includes documents, photographs, diaries and more.

Tropical museum

A very impressive museum that is active since the 19th century. The museum offers a glimpse to the art work of ancient civilizations such as Brazil, Bali, the Sahara desert, the Middle East, New Zealand and India. It is interesting to see the delicate relation between man and environment as is shown here. It is a perfect place for kids – they can feel and touch as they walk around the museum. The museum offers various guided tours and it would be a good idea to get updated before going.

Amsterdam Historic museum

A lovely little museum that tells the story of Amsterdam’s transformation from a little village to a cosmopolitan city. The museum exhibits cloths, tools, pottery, ceramics, and photographs, that give an over all picture of the evolution of the city.

Stedlijk Museum

Amsterdam’s municipal museum that is active since 1895. The museum displays modern art (everything from pop-art to Avant-garde). The displays are not in a particular order and are scattered through out the museum. 

Anna Frank’s house

A 3 stories house on one of the main canals in Amsterdam (Prinsengracht) that tells the tragic story of the Frank family during world war II. In the house/museum you can see Anna’s bookcase, her writings, her poster board and more. You get to walk around the hiding place which the family has lived in for 2 years (till Aug 1944 when they were sent to the concentration camps). 

Van Gogh museum

The museum exhibits over 200 paintings, 500 sketches, Japanese prints and much more of the painter’s
.The exhibition is in chronological order so you can see the painter’s development through the years.
The museum also exhibits art works of other painters that have lived in Van Gogh’s time.
Every Friday, there is something special going on in the museum, so be sure to get updated. And also every week there is another attraction (a live DJ and more).

Rembrandt’s House

A wonderful little museum that shows how life was during the time of Rembrandt. You can enjoy a vast collection of Art (which Rembrandt was a big fan of) and his own studio which contains his working tools (brush, paint etc). He has barrowed al lot of money to build this house and has worked in this house for 20 years, developing a painting technique that was and still is unique.