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Pnorama Terrace

A restaurant located at Schipol airport. It might sound a little strange to go to the airport for eating and not in order to catch a fly, but I this case it's not. During the winter time, it can be a nice experience for you as well as for the little ones (On the upper floor, you have schiphol plaza, where you can shop till you drop and have a nice meal while doing so).
This special restaurant has a playground aged 2-8, in which the kids can run and play while you are enjoying your meal.
If the sky is clear, you can get out to the panoramic terrace and show the kids the planes as they land and take off.

Coming by private car, you should park on P1 and pay per hour.

Luchthaven Schiphol
Evert v/d Beekstraat 202
1118 CP Schiphol

Pizza Capri

Everything is allowed for kids at Pizza Capri no matter what they do – run around; scream out loud or play with the ball.
The place offers lots of pizzas and pastas (the children’s ultimate food) with a friendly atmosphere.

Lindengracht 61
020 6244940


A nice little restaurant that is located on the Kerkstraat (close to the Prinsnegracht). The restaurant has no meat dishes, but you can enjoy here salads, sandwiches, soups and some nice deserts. A nice little place to take your kids to (they can play in the playing area in the back yard), and every once in a while you can enjoy some live shows.

Amstelveld 12
6261169 – 020 

Pancake House- Amsterdamse Bos

Located on the Amsderdamsebos park on the border of Amsterdam and Amstelveen, the place offers delicious and quite big pancakes with different fillings, which you will surely like.
The place looks like a typical Dutch house, all wooden with windows painted green and red and big antique gates painted black in the entrance. It all gives a special atmosphere.
There are indoor and outdoor tables to enjoy the meal while you watch the kids playing in the playground, pet some animals, feed goats and deers or watch the horizon with a binoculars on a small bridge.

 From the main entrance on Amsterdamseweg you follow the big lake on your right till the big parking on your right. From there it is 5 minutes walk to the place.
Recommended for everyone, with or without
the kids.


A freshly designed place, where the kids can enjoy their own space for playing, watching TV and more. The local staff is used to having kids around, so it is very customary to see kids running around and shouting. Even the menu is a little childish – all the dishes are appealing both to the eye and to the stomach – very colourful and tasty For the grownups, the menu is somewhat limited but there is also a part in the restaurant that is kids free.
Making reservations, especially on the week-ends, is recommended.
The restaurant is also suitable for private events – birthdays, business meetings, parties etc.
The parking is free of charge (ask the waiter for a token in order to open the electric gate).

Amstelzijde 37
Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

Enfant Terrible

A very spacious restaurant that is great for kids (especially under the age of 5). They can enjoy the various activities that the place has to offer for kids (playground, the local staff) while the parents sit and have a nice and quiet meal. It is a perfect family outing that everyone can enjoy.

Opening times:
Mon-Fri 09:00-21:00

De Genestetstraat 1
020 6382884


A café place, located in the Vondel park, offers food related activities for children – making food, setting the tables, making a mess and cleaning afterwards. The goal of this café place is to teach the kids all about responsibility, time tables and punctuality.
The groups consist of kids between the age of 6 and 10. They learn to cook in different styles and manners (the menu changes every week), while being supervised by 3 adults.
It is not always possible to book in advance, since it is very popular among the young crowd, but you can always try.

Vondelpark 6b
6253257 - 020