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Amsterdamse bos Park

Also known as the "forest", this huge park located between Amsterdam to Amstelveen has lots of attractions and special events for kids and families.
Small farm for petting animals, outdoor pool, playgrounds, Spa and lots of bicycle & walking paths.
Several links to specific attractions in the park:
Renting bicycle
Goats farm
Open theatre
Boats for rent
Pancake house
Camping site
Map of the park

Bosbaanweg 5


Located in east Amsterdam (Zeeburg oost). A green little jewel that is great for some small scaled picnics.



Located in west Amsterdam, this park offers many attractions – theater, summer pool, cinema, exhibitions area and more. Most of the park's visitors have a kind of avant-garde look This is due to the new part of the park that is starting to be filled with designers’ offices and stores, as oppose to the old part, which is mostly café places and restaurants.

Haarlemmerweg 8 -10, 1014 BE Amsterdam
020 581 03 11
Tram: no 10, get off at Van Hallstraatand, the park is just behind the Harlemmerweg.

Sarphati Park

Named after the Dutch physician and city planner who designed the park. The park is one of the most beautiful parks in Amsterdam, and is very close to the Albert Cuyp market (in the Pijp neighborhood). Like all the parks in Amsterdam, there is a playground for children, a pond, a separate part for dogs and their owners, and of course a fountain with a lake. It is a nice little place for picnics and such.

Sarphatipark; 1073 CZ Amsterdam
A 20 min walk from the Museumplein
Tram: 3 or 25, get off at Twedee van der Helstraat

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s botanical gardens are amongst the oldest in the world that displays over 4000 types of vegetation. The name of the place has an interesting story behind it – in 1963 Amsterdam had an outbreak of various plagues (that some of them came with the sailors that got back home). In order to keep that situation from getting worse, the city hall of Amsterdam appointed a committee of doctors and pharmacists, which tried to find solutions for these epidemics. The committee concocted different kinds of herbs and plants and created a new herb called Hortus, which has proven to be a cure for the epidemics that threatened Amsterdam. Due to the Dutch’s highly trained and advanced navy, the plant was able to travel through out the Netherlands and to cure many people. The plant was the basis for other plants that now inhabit the botanical gardens in Amsterdam.

Opening times:
Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00
Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00
In Dec and Jan the place closes at 16:00
In Jul and Aug the place closes at 19:00

Beatrix Park

A beautiful park that was designed in the 1930’s by Jakoba Muller. The park resembles a magical forest, filled with trees, flowers, bridges and ponds. It is great for a light picnic, either with or with out the kids. There is also a playground for the kids to play in and a big grassy area for the dogs to run about.

The park is located close to the Rai station. Tram: no. 5, get off at Beethovenstraat and walk down the Stadionweg, till you get to Diepenbrockstraat, from there several paths takes you to the park.

Amstel Park

A city park that is nice to sit in, have your kids run around in and enjoy the various attractions  labyrinths, playgrounds, pony ride, bumper cars, train (active during the months of Apr. & Oct), miniature golf and more.
The park also has a gallery with 2 exhibition spaces:
Huis Glazen
The Orangerie

Europaboulevard tegenover de A.J. Ernststraat
4, 50,51tram

Please note that some of the attractions are not free of charge
The park and the playground are open through out the year:
Oct-Mar 11:00-17:00
Apr-Sep 10:00-18:00

You can only enter the park by foot. Bikes are allowed for kids under the age of 5 and dogs must be on a leash at all times. It is also possible to BBQ at the park, which would explain all the loveable Turks that roam the park during the week-ends

Vondel park

 A green pearl in the middle of Amsterdam and the most popular park in the city. A big park where you can cycle, rollerblade, watch the ducks in the pond, sit and have a nice cup of tea or coffee and just enjoy the nice sunny days. During the summer months, the park has its annual Vondel Park festival where you can enjoy live music and other shows - usually free of charge. Be sure to read all about it on the park’s website. The park is very accessible and parking is not a problem (on Sunday you can park for free).
While at the park be sure to visit the following attractions:

:Blauwe Theehuis

Open: 09:00-24:00

Vondelpark 5
1071 AA Amsterdam
Tel: 020 - 6620254
Fax: 020 - 6709787

Café Vertigo
 Open: Mon-Fri 11:00-01
Sat-Sun 10;00-01:00

Vondelpark 3
1071 AA Amsterdam
tel: 020 612 3021
fax: 020 818 2527

The cafe also offers its own catering services.

Groot Melkhuis café & restaurant
A nice café place that offers a nice cup of coffee for the parents, while the kids run about. They can enjoy the sand box have fun in the playground etc. Every day between 1400-1600, for 4 Euros, there is a recreational activity for the kids. They get to paint, get their hands dirty with colors and crayons and get to take their master pieces home. The café is situated in a pastoral surroundings with a lake, trees and some ducks. It is possible to rent the place for private events, for further details find below.


Open: Mon-Fri 11:00-01:00
Sat 10:00-01:00

Vondelpark 2
1071 AA Amsterdam
tel: 020 612 9674

You can also rent rollerblades and rollerblade around the park. If you do not like to roller blade all by yourself, you can join the group that meets there every Friday evening and rollerblades around the city

Vondelpark 7
664 5091 -020 tel:

Group info:
In order to get to the group, it would be best to enter the park through the “Amstelveensweg” gate.

Film museum
Vondelpark 3, 1071 AA Amsterdam
Postbus 74782, 1070 BT Amsterdam
tel.: 020-5891400

Stichting Vondelpark Openluchttheater ("Open-air theater" is free of charge and includes music, plays and such. In order to get to the theatre you enter the park by “Eaghenstraat” gate.

Westerstraat 187
Tel: 020-4283360
Fax: 020-6266026

Centrum de Roos ("Rose garden") with over 70 species of roses is a nice place to take a walk and admire all colours.



Amsterdam is the city of bikes. It has many parks that you can take your bike (or either rent a bike), and ride. bike rental shops are available through out Amsterdam but the main one is “Macbike”, which is located in the Leidseplein, and by the Albertcuyp market. The bikes need to be adjusted to each and every person individually (height, measurements etc.). It is also possible to get bikes that have an extra seat for kids.

Weteringsschans 2

Artis Zoo

A fascinating place for children and grown ups alike. The zoo has animals from all over the world, either indoor or outdoor. and a geological museum, planetarium, aquarium, greenhouses and gorgeous vegetation.
It is a wonderful place for a good activity for the kids.
It is possible to get an annual season ticket (check on location).

Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
5233481 -020