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Ajax Museum

All you soccer fans, will be thrilled to visit this museum. It shows the legendary Dutch soccer team (Ajax) history. You can admire the team’s trophies and numerous awards Ajax has won over the years. Take a closer look at the team's past and currents players and much more.

Arena Boulevard, Zuidoost

Cobra Museum

A dominant art group in the 20th century. Its belief is that anyone can make art, and you do not need to study it. The museum displays works of such artists. The Cobra group began its activity during the 20th century, and helped many artists become famous and known.
The museum has changing exhibitions and it is a special treat for the kids. They can make art anywhere in the museum and enjoy other activities of the museum that vary from time to time.

Sandbergplein 1
1181 ZX
Amstelveen (15 min drive from Amsterdam)


Nemo is a different kind of museum. Even its founders and managers define it as such. It is an interactive museum that encourages you to touch and experiment. Children can learn a lot on the human body, solar energy, nature, electronics and more.
The museum is designed as a boat and situated on the waters (close to Amsterdam central station) facing the northern part of Amsterdam. Once done with the museum tour,you can enjoy a relaxed time on the local cafeteria located on the roof terrace while the kids are playing.

Opening times:
Every day (but Monday) 10:00-17:00

Oosterdok 2
53132333 – 020


Amsterdam Electrische Museumtramlijn

A nice little tram museum for old trams. You can take a ride in a 1950’s tram; admire the old design (wooden chairs, old horns and the bells) and even an old fashioned conductor. The tram will take you through out Amsterdam’s parks and forests. You can get off anytime to have a nice picnic, and then get right back on to continue the tour. It is a perfect ride for little kids and also for a bit older kids.

Opening times :
The tours are conducted only on Sundays.

Amstelveenseweg 264, ex – Haarlemmermeer station
:6737538 – 020
6188528 – 020

Madame Tussauds

An internationally known museum (as well in London and New York) that displays full sized wax dolls of celebrities. Walking around the museum, you might come across Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robin Williams and many more. You can choose to take a picture next to your favourite celebrity. A fun day for the entire family
It is also possible to combine the visit to the museum with a cruise on the canals of Amsterdam.

Kids under the age of 5 are free of charge; substantial discount for groups.

Opening times:
The museum is open every day between 10:00-17:30
(last visitor can stay as late as 18:30)

DAM 20 (Dam Square).
5221010 -020

The cat ship

Henrietta was a lovely old lady that had a big heart. One day, she found deserted cats on her door step. Her heart filled with compassion for the little creatures that she decided to take them under her care. The word spread around, and pretty soon more cats came to her door step. It was not long, before her home was too small for all the cats, when she decided to buy a boat and turn it into a floating museum for cats. A fun place for cat lovers and for the entire family.

Opening times:
Week-days 13:00-15:00
Sunday & Wednesday the museum is closed

6258794 – 020