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Culture Cooking

Culture Cooking Amsterdam organises cooking workshops for everyone who appreciates good food and is interested in tasting different cultures and meeting people from all over the world. The aim is to bring people together through one of the main aspects of a culture; FOOD. Cooking, meeting, sharing and eating are the keywords for a great evening. 

Dutch, Tapas, Thai, Moroccan, Italian, Indian and many more. Also specific single cooking events. Check the website for more information.


Keizer Culinair

Cooking workshops that are offered through out the Netherlands – Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Nijmegen, the Hague, Haarlem and other cities.
Each workshop is on a Saturday, usually 4 hours and consists of small groups.
There are also theme workshops that you can join in (for example a wine workshop, a meat workshop for Father’s day etc.). There are also theme workshops for bigger groups and also longer workshops of 5 encounters.
It is also possible to have the workshops in the English language

Elandsstraat 169-173

Heavenly food

An organic food workshop with an oriental flavor to it. You may choose between a Thai, Indonesian Singaporean cooking workshop. Usually the workshops consist of a starter, a main course and a desert plus a beverage.

It is possible to order and organic meal for private events.

Info: 0617367219
Between 09:00-17:00

Empire Fine Food

A cooking studio for groups not bigger than 6 or 8 people. The workshops are given in English as well, and you can make up your own workshop according to your personal taste. You may also choose to have a wine workshop ,where you can learn all about the different tastes an kinds of the wine.
The studio offers catering services for businesses and/or private events.
It is possible to have a private event where the local chef cooks your meal.

Joan Melchior kemperstraat 75 – hs

Koken met Passie

Cooking workshops at the studio, is offered by the local staff (both in Utrecht & Amsterdam) a truly culinary experience. You can choose between a chocolate workshop, sushi workshop or your own personal taste. The workshops can be given in the studio or on boats. It is possible to have the workshops during the week-ends.
The studio can be booked for private events or groups.
The price varies in accordance with the number of people in the group.
The workshops can also be given in English.

Czaar Peterstraat 157
Herculesplein 315
Info: 020-4910195 (mon-fri 0900-1700)