Friday 15th of December 2017 12:33:39 AM

 In the city of Amsterdam there are many many markets of different kinds - There are indoor markets, outdoor markets, farmer’s market(where anyone can sell there own products), and more.
We have compiled of list of the main markets in Amsterdam :


Bloemen Markt

this market is active for over 150 years. You can find here various kinds of tulip’s bulbs. The market is situated on boats that anchor on the Singel canal.
It is open everyday between 0900 to 1730 and on Sunday between 1100 to 1730.

Book market

the market is active for over 100 years, and gives the literature lovers among us, a place to exchange opinions, find various books, poems etc.
You can find in the market all types of people from intellectuals to students.

Spui Art Markt

located on the Spui (a student’s area). It is open between the month of December and March and on Sunday only. About 25 artists exhibit their art work for sell. While strolling through the market you can find anything from oil paintings, photographs, jewellery, ceramics and more.

Boerenmarkt on Nieuwmarkt

A market of organic merchandise only (fruit, vegetables, breads etc.). It is located close to the De wag (weighing house).
The market is open only on Saturday between 0900 to 1700


Offers fresh fruit and vegetables, organic food, breads, flowers and cloths.
The market is open on Monday between 0900 to 1300 and on Saturday between 0900 to 1700
From Amsterdam’s central station, you take tram 3 or 10

Waterlooplein markt

Amsterdam’s flee market offers hippy cloths, second hand merchandise, leather jackets, African drums, furniture, jewelry and more.
The market is open everyday between 0900 to 1800
From Amsterdam central station you take tram 9 or 14 and get off at Waterlooplein station

Albert Cuyp Markt

the oldest market in Amsterdam (over 100 years old) and the most famous one. The market has over 300 selling posts where you can find anything from chocolates to pottery and cloths. The prices are pretty cheap and so is the quality. The market is open everyday, between 0900 to 1800.
From Amsterdam central station, you can take tram 4, 16, 24, 25