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The design, the food, the atmosphere, everything is kitsch kitsch kitsch. What does it mean? It means fun fun fun. The light blue walls, the honey on the windowsill, the zebra pillows and the 70’s music, all will contribute to the kitsch feeling of the place. The menu is very diverse and you can have everything from hamburgers to Foie gras.

You can have a closed event at the Kitsch (needs to be booked in advance)

Opening times:
Mon-Fri 18:00 till the last guest leaves

Utrechtstestraat 42
6259251 – 020
You need to make reservations

The bar with no name

Your eyes are perfectly fine!!!! This bar has no name. when we asked the waitress why is that, she replied “we don’t have one and we don’t need one”
The bar is located on the Spui – an area filled with students and young people.
The restaurant is lit with candles and therefore pretty dark. You can enjoy noodles soup (recommended), toasts, or just to sit and relax after a long day of shopping. And of course let’s not forget the alcohol. You may choose to sit on the chairs or the couches, and enjoy the nice and quiet atmosphere the place has to offer.
It is very easy to get to this bar – from the Herengracht, you make a turn to Wolvenstraat, and continue going till you get to number 23. It is very easy to recognize this bar – the entrance is painted in white, and there are a few tables and chairs on the outside.

Wolvenstraat 23
1016EN Amsterdam
3200843 -020


It is a Swahili word the means unity. Coming to this restaurant you show solidarity for the environment and for people that live under harsh conditions. A percentage of the profits is donated to 3rd world countries.
It is an organic food based restaurant, which is both pleasant and tasteful.
The concept of the restaurant was adapted form the musical album that holds the same name. The album was produced after a visit to countries such as Kenya, Nigeria India and Russia. The band talks about life in general in that album and encourages people to go back to basics – natural food. The band also related to political issues around the globe and also environmental issues such as water supply and global warming.
So if you want to contribute a small something back to the environment, you should come and eat in this restaurant.

Amstelveenseweg 154
020- 77 06420