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A trendy little bar, located in the Pijp. A very stylistic place that attracts the lunch crowd and also people that are out on the town (especially after 2200). The place is divided into two parts – the tables’ area (where you can have your dinner) and the bar. The menu consists of the Spanish cuisine and offers various selections of tapas, and also large portions. There is also a very nice sun terrace where you can sit and have your dinner during the warm nights.
The place offers a cocktails workshop, where you learn all that you need to know about the making of the drinks (you need to send an email in order to participate)

Opening times:
Everyday between 11:00-23:00

Marie Heinekenplein 30-31
020 - 470 41 44



A bar restaurant located in Amsterdam financial quarter – Amsterdam WTC. It serves the employees of the area and can also be reached by taking tram 5. It is modernly designed with a little influence from the Far East.
It is a nice restaurant especially for lunch or for an after work drink

Opening times:
Every day between 11:00-23:00

Strawinskylaan 77

020 - 881 31 31


Lola’s – a chic restaurant bar in the centre of Amsterdam. You can make reservations and afterwards enjoy the fun and happy people that are seated at the bar.
Opening times:
Mon-Tue closed
Wed-Thu till 01:00
Week-ends till 03:00

Kerkstraat 23
לאתר האינטרנט


One of the most popular restaurants in the city. Everyone who is anyone goes there at least once a week. During the day you can enjoy great food and great wine, and during the night you can come to enjoy loud music and a dance floor. The food is an interesting combination of east and west, and is top quality.

Opening times;
The evening bar opens everyday from 2230 to 0100
The restaurant’s kitchen is open at 1230, 1430, 1830 & 2230
Not very expensive

Hobbemastraat 1
20 - 67174740


An oriental tapas restaurant, with its own DJ. The restaurant is packed during the week-end – the best time to eat in it.
The place’s concept is a combination of east and west. You can see it in the design – Arabic inscriptions on the walls, dimmed lighting, a big entrance hall with couches and low tables, which lead to a big hall with lots of places to sit.
The place is a little bit of everything – a little bit of disco, a little bit of Chinese food and much more.
The food is great, and every course is a treat. You can enjoy various kinds of tapas - warm and cold, meat, couscous, potato’s etc.
It is highly recommended to visit the place during the week-end, where you can even see a belly dancer that dances around the tables.
During the week-end you need to make reservations

Opening times:
Sun-Thu 19:00-01:00 (kitchen closes at 22:30)
Fri-Sat 19:00-03:00 (kitchen closes at 23:00)

Rozengracht 133
3446401- 020


Located between Anna Frank’s house and the Westerkerk (in the Jordaan). It is a very stylistic place. You can choose to start your evening there with a nice dinner, and end it, with the local DJ or other happenings (depends what’s on the agenda).
The place is several stories high, and each floor offers something else – bar, dance floor etc. During the nice warm summers, you can enjoy the open terrace.

You can also rent the place for a private event.

Werck also offers lunches – for more details you need to call


Prinsengracht 277
6274079 – 020 


A stylistic yet calm bar, where you can enjoy your dinner with a nice alcoholic beverage.

6365791 - 020