Friday 15th of December 2017 12:32:52 AM



Located in the heart of the Albert cuyp market. Sitting in the restaurant, you can admire the oriental decorations that are every where. It is a perfect place to go during lunch, but can be also a nice option for dinner as well. The menu consists of Middle Eastern food such as couscous, Humus, Portobello mushrooms, streamed pumpkin and for desert, a cup of mint tea with a slice of delicious baklava.
The restaurant’s staff is not Dutch, which means that they understand the importance of good service. Should there be a problem with your food or with your meal, they will always apologize and even compensate you if needed.

Opening times :
Mon-Tue – 10:00-01:00
Fri – 10:00-02:00
Sat – 09:00-02:00
Sun - 09:00-00:00
Not very expensive

Albert Cuypstraat 182
De Pijp