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Koam Float

A spa located on the Herenrgracht, close to the Spui area. A street that is full of special stores, shops, café places, bohemian visitors, that give the street a unique feeling. The spa is located in this darling area. Though the design is pretty simple, the massages are great. Plus, the place offers also another attraction – floating – a device that is filled with salty water, where the patient can float while listening to music (under the water) and relax (a bit like the Dead Sea). If you wish, you may close yourself in the device, and by that, for 45 minutes, shutting yourself from the outside world.

After the treatment, you can take a shower (equipped with shampoo, deodorant, soap and body cream) and have tea and cake that will wait for you in the waiting room. A darling little place that is highly recommended (the masseurs and the therapists come in accordance with the treatments of the day). You may choose combine your treatment with a nice stroll along this beautiful area, or shopping, or even a glass of beer in the cool evening, what ever you would like.

Please note – the Dutch love sauna’s and spa’s very much and it is customary that people enter the sauna naked (both men and women). Before you go to any sauna, be sure to find out this detail.

All the saunas that are mentioned in this website are not naked saunas.
Transportation: You may take the tram and get off at the Spui station and walk from there to the Herengracht (it is not that far).

Herengracht 321
1016 AW
5550333 -020

Zuiver spa

A big spa located in Amsterdam’s forest. The spa is apart of a hotel that is located in the heart of the forest – a special atmosphere. The spa offers special treatments such as massages, pedicure, infra treatments and more. You can choose to have a day treat (incl. lunch) or an evening treat (incl dinner from 2030).
The spa is open every day from 10:00-24:00

Koenenkade 8 (Amsterdamse Bos)
020-301 07 10

Soap treatment store

 The classic place, all white painted, offers spa and beauty treatments.
The staff acquires knowledge and extra training by participating in various workshops, to give you the best treatment available.
What can you find here? Facials, body massage, manicure & pedicure, wax, cellulites treatment, treatments that are designed for the male crowd and more. It is also possible to buy a gift certificate and surprise your spouse, a friend or who ever you choose.

The store has 2 locations:
Van Baerlestraat 122
1071BD Amsterdam-Zuid
(0)20-673 0506

Spuistraat 281
1012VR Amsterdam
(0)20-428 96 60


opening times:
Tue-Fri 10:00-22:00
Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00

City Spa

located in the Okura hotel, it is a beautiful spa that offers everything that a spa has to offer. The owner of the place is in the spa business for over 18 years and uses only natural products such as Decléor, Carita, L’Occitane & T. LeClerc
The spa, as the rest of the spa’s in Amsterdam, is not that expensive.

Hotel Okura, Shopping Arcade
Ferdinand Bolstraat 333
1072 LH Amsterdam
020 - 6644154