Thursday 22nd of February 2018 06:13:52 PM

Your time in the Netherlands has come to an end? Miss the sunny days? The kids have grown and it is important for you to bring them back home?
Before you do that, take a minute to think about what you are getting yourself into, and what you can expect.

In the following article, you can find useful information about the coming back experience, discussed by Dr. Hannah Ornoy, author of the book “A relocation’s jorney”. The book talks about the author’s own experience in a foreign country and her coping with the situation.

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The articule of the month:
People you meet may ask you, out of politeness, about your experiences there. But soon enough they grow tired of it, and if you continue to endlessly talk about it, you may come across as boastful person”.

“I find it very hard to talk about my experiences, since people can not really relate. If I try to tell them about the experiences that I had there, they stop listening after five minutes”.

Poeple that come back, find it hard at times to come back to work, due to their colleagues attitude towards them. Mostly, work colleagues are not impressed with the new experiences that their returned colleague had. This attitude can be caused by their feeling of jealousy or fear that he will be promoted over them. So the new comers face a bit of a not so easy situation – from a place that they were allowed to make mistakes, they come to a place that expects them to act and to be exactly the opposite

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