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Thing are not always what they seem
Dr. Hana Ornoy

Find a Dutch coach

“…while Jan, the local Dutchman, invited Yair and his family over for dinner as an act of common courtesy, Yair’s family saw it as their first social event. How nice, thought Yair, if my company would appoint someone or some people from the firm that would act as “ambassadors”, to answer my questions, to help me through the first steps, and at times take us out for a night on a town. That way, I would be able to meet more of my colleagues and maybe through them meet some other people”.

Everyone who is relocating, needs assistance in adjusting to a new culture and a new environment – getting to know the new culture, learning the new position, getting settled in your new home and more.

Finding a suitable coach/tutor/coach to help to make the process a lot easier

Finding a tutor/coach/coach that would help you with every little thing is truly a hard task. Therefore, it is recommended to find as many tutor/coachs/coaches as possible to help you in various aspects of your new life:

The cultural tutor/coach: This tutor/coach helps you to become acquainted with the new culture. Tells you all the do’s and don’ts, may open doors for involvement in local events etc. 

The everyday life tutor/coach: This tutor/coach helps you with organizing your new life in the new place. Shows you all around the local shops, pharmacies, schools, taxes and some other stuff that are essential for everyday life.

The social tutor/coach: In some companies, it is very common that one of the employees or a group of employees, welcomes the new comer, and shows him around the office and the company, and basically is there for his or her every need. There are also organizations or companies, where the “welcome committee” is an old relocated family that has faced the same difficulties as you are facing right now. They can be your guide and tutor/coach through the small steps that you begin to take, and be helpful in small decisions making (where is best to buy, what schools to go to etc.).

The career tutor/coach: This tutor/coach will help you in all the aspects that are related to work transportation, responsibilities, expectations etc.

 The supporting tutor/coach: This tutor/coach helps you emotionally, listens to you, encourages and advises when necessary.

The “been there done that” tutor/coach: If it is possible to get in touch with an ex-Israeli employee, that filled the same position as you are, and knows the difficulties that you go through (both inside and outside the office) it could be a great help. He/She can give you fast solutions to arising problems and also for problems that may arise in the future.

It is highly recommended to have as many guides, tutor/coachs, as possible, so that you will always have someone to turn to when ever you are facing a problem.

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