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Things are not always what they seem
Dr. Hana Ornoy

Dr. Hana Ornoy is the author of  "Things are not always what they seem-A relocation trip in a foreign culture", Rimonim publishing, 2009
The book is based on the author's personal experience in mission abroad.

About the author:
Holds a Doctor degree from the Open University in Israel. Head of management class and senior lecturer in the business school in "Lender" Academic College.
Head of pedagogy for the MBA program in the Open University.
Senior advisor to organizations, specializing in international management and relocation.
Also well experienced with advising organizations re restructuring, trainings and personal advisory to managers.

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Before relocating it may seem that there are only advantages: New country, new culture, new language for the children, better financial position, etc. But it should be noted that there might also be several difficulties and unpleasant experiences one might encounter which should be taken into account.

Doctor Hana Ornoy provides you with lots of issues concerning Relocation. She will answer queries you have in the Relocation Forum (soon on air)

This time:
“…while Jan, the local Dutchman, invited Yair and his family over for dinner as an act of common courtesy, Yair’s family saw it as their first social event. How nice, thought Yair, if my company would appoint someone or some people from the firm that would act as “ambassadors”, to answer my questions, to help me through the first steps, and at times take us out for a night on a town. That way, I would be able to meet more of my colleagues and maybe through them meet some other people”.

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