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Recommended by Galit Triger

(a German word, spelled with U and not O) is one of a few places in the Netherlands that has everything included, just like a club in Turkey, but with out the pool (the lack of pool is hardly felt, due to all the amazing attractions that the park has to offer).

In the old days, the park was a grey and unattractive power station, which transformed (in 1985) to a wonderful amusement park with lots of attractions for every one.

Besides from being an amusement park, it is also a resort, located on the banks of the Rhine river, with very good deals.

The park is very close to the German border (15 min drive from the city of Arnhem), where the landscape is still very Dutch (flat with cows and meadows) but the architecture is quite different and German.
Right off the A12/A2.

The park is open everyday from 1000-1800 and the price varies according to the deal that you take.
Being a German oriented park, it is very clean and neat, the parking arrangements are well organized and there are signs everywhere so you can not get lost.
The park is indeed wonderland for kids. It has indoors jamborees, musical carousels, Ferris-wheel, roller coasters, “splash” trains, trampolines, pirates’ ships and more.

There are also extreme attractions for the teen-agers and adults (carting, car racing) that cost extra (6 Euros a round).
The park also offers food and drinks for no extra charge, theaters, tennis courts, bowling, poker nights, massages, clubs and more.

The biggest advantage of this park (apart from its proximity to the Netherlands) is that it is not packed with visitors. The queues are not long and you can enjoy much more attractions.

You may also choose to spend the night at the park (I myself have done it, and by that, was able to enjoy all that the park has to offer).
The price is 170 Euros which includes sleeping arrangements (3 stars hotel – you can always upgrade) usage of all the facilities in the park, plus free French fries and beverages (hot & cold). Food & beverages posts are situated through out the park.

A comparison to Turkey’s all’s included :

Food – though it is a matter of taste, I think that the food can not be compared. The culinary level that we are used to in Turkey (a rich buffet etc.) is much higher than here (if you would like a change in food scenery, you can choose to eat in one of the 3 restaurants that the park has to offer for 15euros a person)

Hotel - the concept of the design is not really clear – wall paintings, Egyptian pyramids, cactuses, not your typical European design. The majority of the visitors are German and Dutch families, but you can also find couples and single men and women.
When first seeing them, I couldn’t help but wonder what are they doing here. Soon enough I realized that this was a little piece of heaven for those individuals. A place that combines sun, free food and mainly free alcohol.

The drinking posts through out the park offer everything but water, and the local restaurants do not allow you to take their glass water bottles outside, so be sure to have your own.

 Check out from the hotels is at 1000 am, but you may still stay and
enjoy the park’s attractions for as long as you like.

If the weather is good, take a 10 min ride to a lovely little place called Wissel Zee, where there is a beautiful lake for you to bath in, big lawns for you to sunbath and a beach. The kids can enjoy the pool and the slides.

If you are not too keen on the food at the park, you may choose to take a 15 min drive to a city called Xanten, which has a nice boardwalk, filled with restaurants for you to enjoy.

To summarize – it is a darling, medium class place, that the entire family can enjoy.

Griether street 110-120
d-47546 Kalkar