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The city is located in the county of Lindburg (2 hours drive south from Amsterdam). LIndburg is truly a magnificent county. It has an abundance of trees and greenery, and driving on the main roads, you pass small hills on the sides, which give the feeling of another place (Tuscany maybe?) A wonderful little city that combines both nature and man. A walk through the old city, you can enjoy music, restaurants and much more attractions.

Valkenburg is not your typical Dutch city. The landscape is much different, - it is mostly green and rural, plus you will see here many farm houses and not big Dutch houses. Another difference is the spoken languages - it is not uncommon to hear French and even Flemish as you walk around the city.

The county in general and the city, offer many sportive attractions – biking, swimming, horse riding and more.

Touring the city, it would be best to start with the old city (the main attraction of the city). On a sunny day, the café’s are packed with people that are eager for any bit of sun they can get. Walking around, you may feel that you are in Greece or even Turkey, due to the different architecture and buildings.

250m from the main road, you will come across the best attraction of them all in Valkenburg – the cable. You and your family, can enjoy a cable ride to see the city’s most famous castle and old buildings and the unique landscape. But the fun does not end there. Once you reach the top you can try out the local omega (must be 8 years or older) or to take rail cart ride (the rail cart ride is suited for the entire family since you can control the speed. We have done it with our one year old, and it was pure fun). You can also have a small picnic while the children play in at playground.

Don’t forget to keep the cable’s tickets, since you will need them also for the ride back. Strollers can be left by the cable before going up.


3.5Euros a person (kids under 4 are free of charge)

More attractions:

Underground caves – caves made out of Lime dated back to the Roman period. You can take a guided tour (in Dutch) by foot (1 hour) or by rail cart (1/2 hour), and hear all about the history of the caves, how they were created, and their use during the Roman empire period and more.

Old castle – you can take a tour through the old castle of Valkenburg, a nice experience for the whole family. Advice: If you have small kids or infants that are in a stroller or a carry on, the tour might be a bit of a hassle, since it involves a lot of stair climbing.

Thermal spa 2000 – a place to go with out the kids to relax and unwind. You can either come here for whole a day or even for two days. You can enjoy all that the spa has to offer, its facilities and numerous treats for you to enjoy. You can dine yourself at the local restaurant, and afterwards, enjoy a night at the local casino. A perfect holiday during the cold winter days.
Holland Casino

Be sure to stay at least two days in the Limburg county, you can enjoy the city of Valkenburg, and spend the night at one of the near by villages, with their rural atmosphere and boutique hotels. On the 2ns day, we advice to head further south to Masstricht.

Tips: Before you go, make sure that you are not travelling during a Dutch holiday or some festival, so that you will not be stuck in traffic.

During the holidays or festivals, it would be best to book rooms in advance, since most of the hotels will be in full capacity.

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