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Recommended by NL connection

Haarlem is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands. The city offers old architecture, magnificent churches, café’s, restaurants, espresso bars, nightlife and more. It is very easy to fall in-love with it.

The city is about 20 min ride west from Amsterdam on the banks of the Spaarne river.
It is very close to Zandvoort and Bloemendaal, which have very nice beach hotels.
During the summer, many come to the beach to enjoy some sun and cocktails. The place also holds many beach parties through out the summer.

In the past, Haarlem was referred to as the “flower city” since most of the flower bulbs, were grown and nurtured in Haarlem.

The city has a very unique atmosphere to it. A short walk around the city and its various buildings will show you exactly how much. it is said that Haarlem landscape is like a painting or a scene form an old movie.

City’s attractions:

Windmill museum – gives a bird’s eye view of the city. The museum demonstrates how the windmill worked, and what technology was used to operate it.

Tevler museum – a nature museum

Frans Hals museum – an internationally known museum of Dutch art – a true cornerstone. The museum was built on the ruins of an old retirement home, and was renovated by the city of Haarlem.

Haarlem has also a very nice shopping street that you can walk around and feast your eyes on all the brand stores, and also boutique stores for cloths watches and more.

Every Monday and Saturday, the city holds its own market in the center of the city. There you can find anything from textile products, to children’s games.

Café’s - We voted Haarlem’s café’s as the best in whole of Holland. The aroma of the coffee is sensational and the pies are so delicious. It is very recommended to enter one of the theme stores that sell coffee / tea products. You can find there unique things such as sugar / cinnamon shaker etc.

Kaldi – a very old ice cream parlor that has so many special flavors that you would not want to miss.

On Thursday the stores close around 21:00

Schalkwijk – for those of us who prefer indoor shopping. There you can find a big shopping center with many stores to walk around in.

Linnaeushof – an amusement park for the kids, located 10 min drive south from Haarlem. A lovely little theme park for kids up to 10 years old. You would not want to miss it!!! Keep in mind that a visit to the park takes usually up to 3.5 hours.