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Berlin Atractions

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Germany’s capital city, offers anything and everything for those of you who visit it for the first time and for those of you that came back for more.
Berlin, which has resurrected after the fall of the wall in 1989, offers amazing architecture, nightlife (hosts the best night clubs in the world – Bergheim etc), culture, opera houses, concerts halls, museums, vibrant atmosphere, that go hand in hand with landmarks of the past that can be seen through out the city.

We have compiled a small list of the “must see” attractions in Berlin:
The Berlin wall – 156km long wall, which has divided Berlin to its western and eastern parts between 1961 – 1989. The wall, that was considered the cold war’s landmarks, has fallen down on Nov 9th 1989. After 28 years of division, both the city and the German people, was the city reunited again. The fall of the Berlin wall symbolized, most of all, the fall of the communism regime that has ruled over most eastern Europe. The fall of the Berlin wall, also symbolized the end of the cold war between the USSR and the USA, which has caused much tension between these two powerful countries and the entire world.
Most of the wall was demolished by the hundreds of people that stormed the streets on that important night, to take mementos of the famous wall. It is now a living monument of what it once was.
The most toured and famous part of the wall is the “East side gallery” – 1300m long, covered with paintings and graffiti’s of various artists, that tell the story of the fall of the wall, of peace and brotherhood, each in his own unique way.
The “East side gallery” is located very close to the “Ostbahnhof” train station (with in walking distance).

Brandenburger Tor – a very important historic monument that is located at the end of the “Unter den Linden” close to the Reichstag building. It was the symbol of the division of the city, and it was the gate between east and west Berlin. The gate is 60m high and was the entrance to the city, and also part of the wall that surrounded it. On the top of the Brandenburger Tor, you can see Athens (the Greek’s goddess of war) riding on a carriage with 4 horses leading.

Reichstag – was Germany’s parliament till it burned down in 1933. The reason for the fire was never uncovered, but the Nazi’s used the fire as an excuse to pursue their political opponents. The Reichstag went under serious renovations that lasted for 5 years, and resumed its role as Germany’s parliament seat in 1999.
Like many of Germany’s buildings, the Reichstag combines modern design with historic remains. From the roof of the building you can see the TV tower, the Brandenburger Tor and Berlin’s many colors. In the 1990 it was declared there, that Berlin is one city again, and ever since then, it symbolizes that unification.
Once up on the roof (dome), you may take an audio guided tour, which explains about this magnificent building and its surroundings. There are also lectures about the various functions of the Reichstag, its history and unique architecture.
Tip: come early, so you won’t have to wait a long time in line (it can take up to 2 hours).

Unter den Linden – one of the most famous streets in Berlin. This boulevard is named after the Linden trees that are planted on the sides of it (1.5km long). It starts from the Brandenburger Tor and has some of Berlin’s most famous and important buildings – the opera building, the Guggenheim gallery, the art academy and much more. In 1933, Unter den Linden was the place where the Nazi’s, burned the books that contradicted their ideology. At that location (the Bebelplatz), an underground monument was founded to commemorate the symbol of that dark day.

Potsdamer Platz – there you can find some of the most impressive buildings in Berlin – Sony (with the futuristic dome and the best of the gadgets world), the IMAX theater, the Chrysler building, restaurants, café’s and more.

TV tower – 365m high, you can reach the top of the tower and have a bird’s eye view of the city. The TV tower is the tallest tower in Berlin and “rules” its skyline.
For those of you who are interested, it is also possible to get married in the TV tower with its revolving restaurant.

Museumsinsel – the museum island – has some of the world’s most important museums (Pergamon - that has one of the worlds most important and unique art collection) and Germany’s national gallery, where German art from the 19th century is exhibited.

–Kudamm – Berlin’s shopping street!!! All you ever dreamed of, can be found in this rich and colorful street – anything form vintage to contemporary fashion. In the street you can also find the “Ke-De-We” district, where the prices are expensive, but it is still worth the visit.

Cruise on the Spree river
– between 1100-1700 and for 5 Euros only, you may take a cruise on the Spree river. The cruise takes you through the past and future of Berlin. You will see the Reichstag and the new synagogue of Berlin, and it will be interesting to see how the old of Berlin beautifully co-exists with the new.
(A cruise can take from 1 hour to 5 hours and you can board the cruise ship from the various stations that are on the banks of the river).