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A sunny day - a boat ride

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One sunny day, here in the Netherlands, we have decided to take a nice and quiet boat ride. We looked every where for the perfect one. We didn’t want to stay with in the vicinity of the city and at the same time, we didn’t want a guided tour. We wanted a nice relaxing ride for the gang with the little ones.
After endless consultations and conversations, we found it. 25 min drive form Amsterdam in a place called Ottenhome; you can rent a boat for up to 10 people.
We booked it and were on our way.

The main road was closed, so the GPS devices were of little use. We had to find another route, and how wonderful that we did. The way there, took us through little Dutch villages with lots of green around us, which made the ride very special.
We could show our little ones the ducks, the cows that were eating the grass, sheep, horses and lots of birds (You take road A9 from Amsterdam towards the city of Weesp)
We have arrived to the location, where many boats of different kinds waited for us. For 60Euors we got a top class boat with a padded bench. We sat down together and sailed on to the open lake.

We were 6 adults with 3 kids, and there was enough room for the kids to run about and for us to unwind. Between fruit and Jachnun (Yamane food), we have found a little island where the kids could paddle in the water, and we could get a bit of color (one tone higher than the winter white we had).
Once back, we sat down for some lunch at the local café place that offered a bit more than your local Dutch menu – sandwiches, salads, soups, burgers, schnitzels and even a kids’ meal.

Tips: - When renting the boat, make sure that you specify for, how long
and for how many people.
- If you come with kids, you are given a life vast, be sure to put it on.
- When you have kids, two hours on the boat is more than enough.

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