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Attractions for kids in the Netherlands!

Space Expo

An amazing experience. Here you can learn all about traveling in space. Visitors go through an inter-galactic journey of all the stars. They learn all about gravity, black holes, and satellites and can even take part in an actual launching of a satellite.
The Space Expo, is part of the official visitor’s center of the European space agency.
The facility is also accessible for wheelchairs.
All explanations and tours can be done in English as well.

Keplerlaan 3

Indoor Ski

Indoor ski – a wonderful experience for the entire family during the cold winter days. It is possible to take skiing lessons/snowboard lesson, either for fun or to warm up for a true skiing vacation. You can ski by yourself or with a guide.
The places are not big, but they are as close to skiing as you will find here in the Netherlands (Note: for those of us who already ski, the place might be a bit boring and not challenging).
There is also a nice restaurant where you can eat - candle light by the fire – all to make you feel in a true skiing vacation.

Race Planet- Indoor carting

Indoor kart racing, for kids between the age of 8 and 16. Located in Amsterdam, Delft and Mijdrecht.
The biggest one is in Amsterdam and offers much more than just kart racing – bowling, pool tables and more.
A prefect place for kids that want blow off steam.
Also possible to have birthday parties, or just some good time with the family.
The staff is very creative and prepares a celebration especially for you, according to your wishes and needs – catering, invite a particular singer that you would like and more.

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Address in 3 places:

Herwijk 10
020 - 611 1120
Email for further information

Kleveringweg 18
015 - 212 7222
Email for further information

Industrieweg 29
020 - 6111120
Email for further information


An exact duplicate of the Netherlands but only smaller. The name Madurodam comes from the actual city of Madurodam, which is the smallest city in the Netherlands. You can see buildings, ducks, roads and much more…. but smaller.
In the brochure you can read all about Madurodam (the brochure can be picked up at the entrance).
Every now and then, the museum offers special attractions – so check the internet before going there or you can also call to find out.

Madurodam is not just a museum but much more…..
You can have your birthday, wedding and even a press conference there.
Each event takes place in one of the many halls that the place has to offer. Each hall can hold up to 300 people, and can meet your every need – lighting system, giant video screens, games and recreational activities and much more.
Also various exhibitions take place in Madurodam – the last one, was on Sesame street.
Lunch you can eat at Water land, or just have some coffee and cake for organized groups.

George Maduroplein 1, Den Haag
reservations: 070 - 416 24 00