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An amusement park for people who love old cars. The Autotron, is not just a car museum, but it allows kids to enjoy the experience of driving in an old car (under supervision of course). It is an amusement park that is all about cars.

Graafsebaan 133
073 -6293 911

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Corpus - The human being body museum

A relatively new museum, that was opened in 2008, and is located off the main road to Leiden. The museum itself is built as a human body, with several of floors (each floor represents a part of the body) for visitors to move around in.
A guided tour through the museum is basically a guided tour through the human body. The museum shows in a very précised way, the various organs and limbs that make the human body. The tour usually takes 90 to 150 min and at the end of it, visitors may enjoy various activities – all related to the human body.
The entrance is for kids above 8 and you need to book in advance – either by calling or by filling out a form online.
It is not possible to simply show up, since the number of visitors at each time, is limited. It is highly recommended, after the tour, to go to the museum’s website on the internet and play the various games it has concerning the human body.
It is also possible to buy a combined ticket (the Corpus with another museum or an amusement park) see Combinatietickets on the museum’s website.

Opening times:

Jul – Aug 0930-1900 (Sun + Sat it is open till 2200)
The museum is closed during the holidays and Mondays (apart form July and August)

**the address is a new street, so ,most of the maps are not up to date. If you are using GPS type Wassenaarseweg, Leiden

Willem Einthovenstraat 1
2342 BH Oegstgeest
071 - 7510200
Reservation 071 - 7510200
Museum Website

The Open Museum in Enkhuizan

Another open museum, that shows the traditional way of life of the Dutch people.
The wooden shoes, the special pottery, the cheese, all these and more can be seen in the museum.
The museum has a changing exhibition every two months, so check and see what is currently showing.

Wierdijk 12-22
022 - 8 351111
Museum Website

The Open Museum in Arenham

In the national open museum of Arnhem, you can experience the Dutch tradition. An outdoor museum that has wind mills, farm houses, workshops and recreate the rural traditional way of life of the Dutch.
You can move around the museum with the local train. In every stop, you may see a different aspect of the old Dutch life – the making of the cheese, the agriculture, the carpentry shop, the blacksmith and much more. A wonderful and rich glimpse, to the way life was, for the Dutch, hundreds of years ago.

Museum Website