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Avifauna Bird Park

This big park offers lots of bird species and several attractions such as night safari, boat sailing, tropic Jungle, playground and more.
The park offers several deals of entrance + breakfast of a boat sail, or a night over in the hotel Van Der Walk if you want to stay more than one day.
You can buy a whole year ticket as well.
The park is suitable for business meetings, parties for special occasions etc.
It is advisable to get updated for the several activities the park runs on the summer time.

Hoorn 65,
2404 HG
Alphen aan den Rijn

Diergaarde Blijdorp

A large zoo, that offers a wide variety of animals from all over the world.
There are two main attractions in the zoo – the underwater facility (Since the opening of the underwater facility, the number o visitors nearly doubled) and the observation post on the polar bear.
Kids under 3 are free of charge

Blijdorplaan 8
zoo website

Burger's Zoo

A safari like zoo, with over 2000 animal’s species – giraffes, lions, foxes, chameleons and more.
It is located on the back side of the open museum in Arnhem
Pets are not allowed

Children under 4 free of charge
Ages 4 – 9 16Euros
Adult 18Euros
Senior 17Euros

Opening times:
Apr – Oct 09:00-19:00
Nov – Mar 09:00-17:00

Antoon van Hooffplein 1
026 - 442 45 34
Zoo Website 

Apenheul - Monkeis Park!

Located in the county of Gelderland, an Ape-park, with over 250 kinds of apes running around freely.
The park is well shaded and is a good place to pass the time during the hot days of the summer (and they are very rare in the Netherlands).
There are also special activities and attractions for kids, and you can get updated via their website or to call first.

Opening times:
Apr – Nov 09:30 – 17:00
Jul – Aug 09:30 – 18:00

J.C. Wilslaan 21
7313 HK Apeldoorn
(0) 55 – 357 57 00
Zoo Website


A very special zoo that is open the entire year. Every season of the year, you can find there something exciting to do – if you want to take a tour around Africa or Central America or get to know the Water-world – you can fo that here.
The place also has a museum of life on earth.
For the kids, there is an adventurous game called “Yucatan” – climbing trees, sailing on wooden boats – simply a must for every child.
For more details you can check the park’s website.

Opening times:
Mar – May 10:00-17:00
Jun – Aug 10:00-18:00
Sep 10:00-17:30
Oct 10:00-17:00
Nov – Feb 10:00-16:30

Hoofdstraat 18
Zoo Website


The Dutch Dolphinarium is located in the city of Harderwij, on the coastline. It stretches over a large area that is divided into several parts - performances and marine life.
The park offers many shows from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, so every one can enjoy no matter what age. All the shows are listed in the brochure that you receive at the entrance and include dolphins, sea lions, deep sea aquarium and more.
For the small children, there are several attractions through out the park, which are suitable for them.
There is a restaurant and a large terrace on the beach, where you can enjoy the breeze, the sea and the seagulls.
The park will probably take most of your day, but if you still have strength and time, be sure to take a tour around the old cities – its café’s, small shops, ancient buildings etc.

Strandboulevard Oost 1
Zoo Website