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Neeltje Jans

Located on the southern Delta of the Netherlands, 80km from Rotterdam, it is a magnificent water park that is also educational. You can learn about the Delta, visit the whale’s exhibition, sit on the edge of the sea lions’ pool, see a hurricane simulation, and take a nice cruise on a boat.
Children under the age of 3 are free of charge

Tip: be sure to view the video clip that is on the park’s website

The park is open through out the year except for the month of December
Usually between 1000 and 1730 (there might be changes so be sure to call first)

Faelweg 5
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Heaven for kids, just a few minutes from the city of Rotterdam. The park is filled with water attractions in a opical scenery. The place is indoors and has a temperature of 30 degrees through out the year (great for the winter).
It is possible to pay just to enter the pool, and even get swimming lessons.
The park offers various courses and activities such as spa, aerobics and more.
Be sure to get updated before going there.

Tip: it is also a prefect place for grown ups that want a bit to unwind, and have a day at the spa with massages saunas etc.

Mon-Fri. 10:00-22:00
Sat-sun 10:00-20:00

The park is closed on the 25 of Dec. and the 1st of Jan.

Maasboulevard 100
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The Arsenal

The biggest marine attraction in the Netherlands. It located on the southern western part of the Netherlands (Middelburg).
It offers many interesting attractions (patting real live sharks!!!!!) and also learning about the ocean and the famous boats that sailed it (the Titanic, the Greenpeace etc.).
you can also take a guided tour through out the park (the tour can be done in English, German, French and Dutch).
Animals are not allowed!!!!!!!
Kids under the age of 3 are free of charge
Kids between the ages of 3 and 12 pay 11 Euros
Adults 13 Euros
Seniors 12 Euros

Arsenaalplein 1
BL4381 Vlissingen
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A giant water park, for the entire family. It is located in the city of Wassenaar (close to the Hague). The park is open through out the year (all the attractions are indoors so you can definitely come during the winter) and offers tropical pools, water slides and other wet activities. The park also offers bike rentals, wall climbing etc.
You may choose to spend the night in the park in a bungalow, a room or on the camping ground.
It is possible to buy a group package that includes special attractions (sports, hunting etc.).
For more details you may call the park’s reception:
General info: 070) 5155 258
Reservations: 0)70 5155 255
Groups: (0)70 5155 255

Duinrell 1
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