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Kindergartens and schools in the Netherlands

The educational system in the Netherlands is much different than other countries. There is a difference in the mentality and in the overall view on education.
Usually the Dutch parents prefer to send their children to kindergarten (up to the age of 4) 2 to 4 days a week. Holland is a welfare state, and it comes to fruition especially in the education. 
The government shares the costs of the kindergartens, gives annuity to the new couple, encourages mothers to go back to work and obliges employers to be more sensitive to the parents. 
Given all of the above, parents will be asked, when registering their child, the number of days that the child should stay in kindergarten.
There are kindergartens that will accept kids for as little as one day a week others may demand a minimum of 2 days and so on.
In the Netherlands there are a few organizations when it comes to kindergartens.
These organizations work as kind of mediators between parents and the various child care facilities that there are. They supervised the activities that take place, the work of the teachers, how clean the facility is and so on. It is very comforting for the parents, especially in a new place, to know that there is an organization that has the child’s best interest in mind. 
In order to register the child to a kindergarten or pre-school, you need to get in touch with one of these organizations. Usually, in a new place, word gets around of the best kindergarten that there is close to your home. That way you can register to that kindergarten. If you have no knowledge at all of the pre-schools or kindergarten close to your home, you may get in touch with one of these organization to be put on a waiting list.

A waiting list is very common in the Netherlands.
The average time of waiting is usually 5 months, but there are cases where you can wait up to a year, so be prepared. It would be wise to start looking around for kindergartens and pre-schools towards the end of your 2nd trimester.
It is recommended to register for more than one kindergarten.
**   Women in the Netherlands are not superstitious as they are in other countries. Once they are pregnant they will tell every one. 
The women here are also very realistic and know how hard it is to find a suitable kindergarten for their child. They will register their unborn child to the kindergarten already in the beginning of the 2nd trimester and will start furnishing the nursery at the same time. 
The costs of the organizations range between 50 to 70 Euros a month. If you register your child to a kindergarten, via the organization, you will pay more than if you register him directly (with out the organization as a mediator).
The laws concerning the kindergartens and pre-schools have changed and continue to change, so the costs and or method of payment may differ from place to place.
How do you find a suitable place:
First you need to get in contact with one of the above organization. You will be asked to fill out a form, stating the number of days you would like, personal details and so on. Once you mailed the forms, all you have to do is wait for a phone call saying that the there is room for your kid in the desired kindergarten.
It would not hurt, while you are waiting, to call the organization to see if anything has changed.
When the child reaches 4 years old, he enters a school.
Notice, that it is school and not pre-school or kindergarten.
The child is in school from 4 years old till 18 (12th grade). The school itself, is divided into small departments and classes depending on the child’s age and needs. But mostly, all the kids, big and small, are learning in the same building.
A child can not enter school before the age of 4 (unless it is a private school then he enters school at the age of 3).
The Netherlands has an abundance of schools – international, Jewish, catholic, public, Montessori, but to name a few. The costs of the public schools are relatively low and can come up to 500 Euros. In the private schools it is totally different. The price can go up to 15000 Euros a year. The language of teaching in the international and private schools is English and Dutch is taught as a second language.
It is very customary that children of parents that have relocated to the Netherlands, will study in a private school. 
There are many pro’s and con’s to the international and private schools, and before registering your child it is wise to contemplate upon them.
The international schools have a high level of education and teachers, but if you are moving to the Netherlands for a long time, or even for good, maybe it would be wise that the child will learn the Dutch language and culture.
That way, he can better integrate in the Dutch society.
Kinderdagverblijf: Public daycare for children aged 6 weeks to 4 years. Centers are generally open from 8.00-18.00. Find a local one at or another organization - SKON ( – click addressen) or search at Urban areas have a shortage so expect long waiting lists.

Private daycare: In large cities there are private facilities with longer (up to 24 hour) opening hours, which are considerably more expensive, as well as international nurseries and pre-school establishments.

Pre-school/playgroups (peuterspeelzalen): Activities and play for 2- 4 year olds. This is more often a social thing rather than proper daycare but—if you can get a place—it might be sufficient if you intend to work part-time. Some employers have their own daycare arrangements or local daycare places.

After-school care: Some daycare centers provide this (for children up to 12) but it is also provided by buitenschoolseopvang (BSO) and naschoolse opvang establishments (also on
The Netherlands has schools of many nationalities. (Poland, Israel, Japan, Germany, France etc.) that teach according to the Dutch system, but keep their own cultural characteristics.

Amsterdam International Community School (AICS)
Prinses Irenestraat 59-61
1077 WV Amsterdam
020 577 1240
British School of Amsterdam
Anthonie van Dijckstraat 1
1077 ME Amsterdam

Nursery & Infant School
Anthonie van Dijckstraat 1
1077 ME Amsterdam
Lower Junior School
Jan van Eijckstraat 21
1077 LG Amsterdam

Upper School
Fred. Roeskestraat 94a
1076 ED Amsterdam
020 679 7840
International School Amsterdam
Sportlaan 45
1185 TB Amstelveen
020 347 1111
Annexe du Lycée Français Vincent van Gogh
Uiterwaardenstraat 60
1079 CB Amsterdam
070 306 6920

The Japanese School of Amsterdam
Karel Klinkenbergstraat 131061 AL Amsterdam
020 611 8136
Primary International Department at Letterland
Roland Holststraat 58
1321 RX Almere
+31 (0)36 536 7240
Regional International School (Primary)
Humperdincklaan 4
5654 PA Eindhoven
040 251 9437
The International Secondary School Eindhoven
Venetiёstraat 43
5632 RM Eindhoven
040 242 6835
Haagsche Schoolvereniging
International Primary Department
Nassaulaan 26
2514 JT Den Haag
070 363 8531

Koningin Sophielaan 24a
2595 TG Den Haag
070 324 3453 (Admissions)
The International School of The Hague
Wijndaelerduin 1 2554 BZ
The Hague
Primary Dept. 070 338 4567
Secondary Dept. 070 328 1450
The American School of The Hague
Rijksstraatweg 200
2241 BX Wassenaar 070 512 1060 See page 61     
The British School in the Netherlands (BSN)
Foundation School Tarwekamp 3
2592 XG The Hague 070 315 4040
The British School in the Netherlands (BSN) Junior School Vlaskamp 19
2592 AA The Hague
070 333 8111
The British School in the Netherlands (BSN)
Junior School
Diamanthorst 16
2592 GH The Hague 070 315 7620
Deutsche Schule (German School)
Van Bleiswijkstraat 125
2582 LB Den Haag
070 354 9454
Le Lycée Français Vincent van Gogh
Scheveningseweg 237
2584 AA Den Haag
070 306 6923
The Indonesian Embassy School in the Netherlands
Rijksstraatweg 679
2245 CB Wassenaar
070 517 8875
Polish International School
See  for different locations in NL
Julialaantje 24
PO Box 549
2501 Den Haag

Violenschool International Department
Rembrandtlaan 30
1213 BH Hilversum
Frans Halslaan 57A
1213 BK Hilversum
035 621 6053

International School Hilversum  
Alberdingk Thijm
Emmastraat 56
1213 AL Hilversum
035 672 9931
American International School of Rotterdam
Verhulstlaan 21
3055 WJ Rotterdam
010 422 5351

The Japanese School of Rotterdam
Verhulstlaan 19
3055 WJ Rotterdam
010 422 1211
International School Maastricht
International Primary Department at Joppenhof
Kelvinstraat 3
6227 VA Maastricht
043 367 1335
Jewish schools
Maimonides (high school)           -
Rosh Pinnah (elementary school)            -
Simcha’s kindergarten                -