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Tips: Commodities | the Netherlands 


Grocery shopping 

When arriving to the Netherlands, one can really be impressed by local super-markets – the floor is always clean, no water leaking from products, the dairy products are neatly organized in a straight line, and everything looks fresh.  Every supermarket has a fairly large bread section, filled with just the right aroma that makes you want to buy everything on the shelf.  The Europeans love to buy everything in small quantities and with the least amount of effort.  That is the reason that, the “instant food” culture prospers here.  At your local supermarket you will have no trouble finding small potatoes pilled and ready to cook, freshly cut salads in a bag ready to eat, ready to eat pasta, sushi, rice in meat sauce and much much more.  Even at the meat section you can feast your eyes on fresh schnitzels already cut and sliced, spiced chicken wings, that all you need to do is to put them in the oven, and more. 

Food is a big source of complaint especially for foreigners.  The vegetables taste differently, the parsley has no taste, the cucumbers are too big and so on and so forth.  It is true that the food in the Netherlands is much different, but it does not mean that it is not good.  If you have the time and the willingness, you can enjoy food here just as much as you do in your home country. 


We have compiled a list of groceries that will help your culinary experience in

1.                  Every mother knows that there is no birthday with a good home made chocolate cake.  And a good chocolate cake is made with a good chocolate for baking. After many attempts of looking for the right chocolate for the right cake, I have come up, with what I believe to be, the best of the best:

Cotedor/Noir de noir         
bitter chocolate comes in a small
package. Has 2 pallets of chocolate and is available in all the supermarkets 

2.                  Coconut milk sauce (Malaysian) -
if you are in the mood for some stir-

fried noodles or rice. The sauce comes in bags that can not with-stand

cold and is enough for 6 people.


3.                  African original pepper mix - a mixture of black pepper, garlic, lemon. 

Sounds weird?  Believe me, it spices up your salad, casserole, schnitzel and even pizza.  Can be found in every Albert-Heijn market.


4.                  Couscous:  for all you couscous lovers out there:you can try the Dutch version: Couscous by Biologisch – it comes in a 500gr package and it is easy to make.


5.                  Cream cheese: it is hard to find cream cheese in the Netherlands that is not 50% fat, but after many efforts I have found it – Zuivel spread light.  It is sweet, tasty and very spreadable (for the real cream cheese lovers there is always - Philadelphia).



Internet websites of the biggest supermarkets in the Netherlands:

cheap, not always and products’ quality is not so good
not very big, pretty cheap and the quality of the products is fairly good

big, wide variety of products, cheaper than Albert Heijn but still considerably expensive.

expensive, great quality of products and is widely spread.

cheaper than Albert Heijn and C1000, and also widely spread (Albert Heijn)

huge chain, great product quality, widely spread and can be found anywhere and considered to be very expensive.