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Relocating to another country is a big step - one that has fears, joys, tears and second thoughts bound into it. The move is an on-going difficult process of acclimation - a new mentality, a new language, schools, kinder-gardens etc, both for adults but especially for kids.

How can the move be made easier for kids?

Organize a going away party and invite all the child’s friends from
School/ kindergarten.

Ask the teacher to prepare a present (a photo album of all the child's friends).

 Prepare the child mentally for the move – talk about the move and make the
child aware of it. Be extra sensitive and supportive, especially during the first
few months. Try to avoid conflicts where and when ever possible.

 Try not to show signs of stress or nervousness, since kids pick that up very
easily no matter how hard we try to hide it.

 Talk as much as you can about the move and allow what ever emotions to
come out.

Due to today’s technology, it is much easier to stay in touch – either by Skype
or messenger. We are able to talk and see friends and family that we have left
behind on weekly and even daily basis.

Having said all the above, it is important to remember that the Netherlands is a country very different from your home land. The products that are sold here, look, taste, and sometimes even smell differently than the ones that you are accustomed to. The brands are not the same, and even if they are, you can still taste or feel the difference.

Remember that in the Netherlands – a western country – you will find all that you need such as medicines, groceries sweets etc. It takes time to get to know your way around the city - the super-markets, pharmacies, schools etc.
We have compiled a list of things that will help make your arrival to the new country, an easier one:

What to take for the first 2 weeks?

Your personal pharmacy:
Fill your medicine cabinet with every day medications (such as Paracetamol, Strepsils, cough syrup etc).
If you are regularly taking medications, be sure to take enough for about a month (this is usually how long it takes for the medical insurance is arranged - it is a procedure that usually takes some time).

Baby products:
Fabric diapers
Liquid soap & shampoo
Ointments (for the baby’s private parts)
Cotton wool
Candles for the buttocks

Leisure time:
Favorite games (that are easy to carry) Puzzles, Lego, musical instruments, crayons, balls etc.
Music CD’s

If you need a pharmacy in the Netherlands where should you go?

is the largest chain of pharmacy in the Netherlands and is located all over the country. You can find there anything from medicines to cosmetics products. Should you be in need of some medical advice or translation (most instructions and labels are in Dutch), you can always consult the pharmecist.
A pharmacy in the Netherlands is referred to as APOTHEEK.
There are also small sized products that are especially convenient for travelling (a good way to stay with in the boundaries of the 100mm of liquid limitation allowed in your hand luggage.)

Baby products:
There are many fine companies that sell baby products in the Netherlands.
Here is a list of a few:
Swisstal- is in the market for a long time. It is easy to recognize,
since all its products are in yellow. It sells oils, shampoo’s, liquid soaps etc.

Natusan- its products are in light green and white, and include also shmapoo’s, oils etc.

Natural - its products are naturally based. They are in white and among the products, there are recycled diapers, recycled tissues etc. Natural has conditioner and soap made of natural ingredients and is highly recommended for infants (The products are more expensive than the rest)

Etos- has wide line of baby’s products and their wet-wipes, are especially good (very
moist and less soapy).

The phone no. for the nearest APOTHEEK to your home address:

General Tips - What should you take with you to the Netherlands?

Digital camera – to capture little moments of joy
GPS – it is easy to get lost in a new place and GPS keeps you on track
Laptop – very convenient either at home or on the road. Connecting to a local
Internet provider takes time and sometime a long time, in the meantime you can use the neighbor’s internet, the library’s, the café’s etc.

** Note: if you buy a laptop in the Netherlands, its operating system is usually in Dutch / English. If you wish to have it in another language, you need to install it yourself.

Cell phone-in order to have a cell phone in the Netherlands, you need to have a Dutch
bank account and that takes time. In the meantime it is recommended to buy a
prepaid sim that you can charge any time. A prepaid sim can be purchased at any
cellular phone shops or at the GWK