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News From Holland:

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Events & Festivals
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shows & Concerts in Holland (Lady gaga, prince, roger waters etc)
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to the best Jazz clubs in Amsterdam

Immigration Policy in the Netherlands

In order to work in the Netherlands, Israeli nationals need both a visa, a .residence permit and/or a work authorization
All the information you need to know in this article>>
written by: Everaert Advocaten, the Netherldands

Orange Fever hits again! Crazy Football the European

Published: 04-06-2012

There is no escape. If you live in The Netherlands you will get caught by the “Orange Fever”! The European Championship is here 
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Ziggo dome Amsterdam! new concert venue!

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Published: 23-04-2012
the new concert hall in Amsterdam Arena will open soon and host lots of great concerts,singers...get ready!!


Keukenhof Gardens 2012


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Published: 06-03-2012
Keukenhof gardens are the most beautiful nature gardens in the netherlands. It will open aain for visitors on 22th March until 20th's a must visit

Queen's Day - Free Street Markets 

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published: 23-04-2012

As a city built on trade, Amsterdammers love to haggle and bargain. The vrijmarktfree market) gives everyone the chance to sell their second-hand things on the streets and in the parks of Amsterdam, creating one of the 
world's largest flea markets.                        



New spots in amsterdam: designers,handcrafts,gallery&more

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 New spots in Amsterdam city




Amsterdam Markets
published: 11-07-2011

One of the best ways to soak up authentic culture in  travel destination

is visiting Amsterdam markets...all  of them in this article

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